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Sygic GPS Navigation v 12.1.3 CRACKED

 Sygic GPS Navigation v12.1.3
Requirements: For Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD
Overview: Premium turn-by-turn GPS navigation app. Sygic is the offline voice guided GPS navigation app trusted by millions of customers around the globe. It's packed with TomTom maps and a robust set of navigation features. Both app and maps are updated for free. Maps are stored on the phone - no internet needed. 

What's new Sygic 12.1.13
NEW TomTom HD Traffic available at Sygic | GPS navigation for smart phones
(If you've been using our traffic, TomTom data is already switched on for you)
NEW MAPS with updated road coverage!
1. Connect to Wi-Fi
2. Visit menu � My Sygic � Manage Maps
3. Tap to select maps you wish to update
4. All old maps will be removed automatically
NEW Cyprus map added to packages Europe & America & Southeast Asia & Africa, Europe & Russia, Europe and Eastern Europe.
Home page: http://www.sygic.com

How to:
Download from here- Sygic_12.1.3_INSTALL :

Downlolad from here ... 1
Downlolad from here ... 2
Downlolad from here ... 3
Downlolad from here ... 4

Download from here- com.sygic.aura-1.apk :
Downlolad from here ... 1
Downlolad from here ... 2
Downlolad from here ... 3
Downlolad from here ... 4

1. Turn on the Wi-Fi.
2. Create a folder named SYGIC in the directory "SDCARD".
3. Copy the file com.sygic.aura-1.apk in SYGIC.
4. Install the file you copied.
5. Find the list with all installed applications and start Sygic which is already installed.
   You should turn your GPS on. After you do that, automatically a file which is around 238 MB
   will start downloading. Wait the file to download. It can take a long time and traffic.
6. After that you should click on "WORLD TRIAL" and you will see many cards.
   Click on the cards you want to have in the navigation. After you choose the cards, click on the button "Continue"
   which is in the bottom right corner and the phone will start downloading the cards you chose. Wait!
7. Change the name of the folder SYGIC into SYGIC_1.
8. Uninstall Sygic.
9. Delete the file com.sygic.aura-1.apk from the folder SYGIC_1.

Download from here Sygic_12.1.3.CK.apk :
Downlolad from here ... 1
Downlolad from here ... 2
Downlolad from here ... 3
Downlolad from here ... 4
10. Copy the file Sygic_12.1.3.CK.apk in the folder SYGIC_1 and install it.
11. Change the name of the folder SYGIC_1 into SYGIC (its original name).
12. Start the application Sygic !!!

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